Monday, September 20, 2010

School of Mathematics - Making Your Webpage

Creating a simple webpage

The idea of this tutorial is to make a simple web page using the terminal and some simple unix commands (most of which could also be done through a GUI). You should at the end be able to post links to your academic works, photo's and other files. Since the school website (along many other websites) runs on unix, you will need to know something about unix filesystems to run your website. It is assumed that you have already logged into the the school unix system and changed your password.

Creating an "index.html" file

The first task is to create a folder in which to store your website files. Open a terminal, and enter the following command to create a folder:
mkdir public_html
Check that the folder has been created in the correct place, by entering the command
ls ~
The directory "public_html" should be listed on screen.

Next we need to create an "index.html" file for our webpage. This file will describe the main page of your website. Enter the following command into a terminal:
emacs ~/public_html/index.html

This will open an empty file that can be edited. Enter the following code into the editor:
<h1> My webpage works!!! </h1>

<p> I can hardly believe it!?!</p>

Save the file and exit. Now open a web browser and enter the following address into the navigation bar (adjusting username for your unix username):
and you should see something like the following...

See further posts for more about "html" and how to post links and images.


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